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Hares Youssef

Can our civilisation cope with the task it has been set? Is there an alternative to this? Have we suffered setbacks in following the evolutionary purpose of human life?

In this novel, Hares Youssef attempts to address these questions. The author hopes this small work will lend human reasoning to the desire to imagine more, and to think less.



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I am truly pleased that you are reading my words because they would be of no benefit without a user. I am very eager to make myself useful to you. I have faith in my knowledge because it is through faith that I have achieved it. Knowledge of this kind is acquired in order to be shared. I hope that on this site I will be able to offer that intellectual product that will satisfy the will to expand your mind.


Hares Youssef, philosopher, poet, writer, economist

Hares Youssef in his studio. The background is the unfinished painting Birth, on which the cover of the book Gaiia is based.

Life on the planet Gaiia

Готовность мира к радикальным переменам

Человечество нуждается в моральной революции. В революции, которая поменяет ментальность человека и всей нашей цивилизации. Именно об этом пишет философ Харес Юссеф в книге «GAIIA».

Книга «Гайя» предсказывает поведение мира, готового к радикальным переменам. Предсказывает – значит, выявляет аспекты реальности, которые уже завтра положат начало событиям исторического порядка.

Natella Speranskaya

Natella Speranskaya

Философ, специалист по античности, основатель проекта JanusAcademy.


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Аудиокнига Хареса Юссефа «Gaiia» в озвучке Сергея Чонишвили опубликована на Bookmate.com!  Отдельная благодарность продюсеру Нике Вашакидзе, благодаря ответственности и чуткости которой состоялся этот замечательный проект. 

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Reviews about the Gaiia book

Gaiia and the Art of Gaiiology

In the book by Hares Youssef, our planet cannot get by without human help: the inhabitants of Gaiia lend a hand to Earth's inhabitants. To restore harmony, the now-separated worlds need to be synchronised. In the utopian novel, the author seeks to implement what he personally has already realised in life: he has synchronised himself, a native and pupil of the traditional Muslim world, with the open and forward-looking world of Western Europe, in which he lives and writes at the present time.

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Interview with Hares Youssef


Digitalisation - what our civilisation is engaged in today - is not just a phenomenon but also a stage in this civilisation's evolution. All conditions for the development of digitalisation are forcing us to create an environment that is suitable for this development. I call it digitalism. We must understand digitalism sufficiently to be able to interact with, use and benefit from digitalisation.

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Аудиокнига GAIIA

Композиторы Владимир Горлинский и Михаил Мясоедов сотворили настоящее чудо, создав уникальное произведение специально для «Gaiia», а чарующий голос несравненного Сергея Чонишвили хочется слушать бесконечно.

«Gaiia» Хареса Юссефа — прекрасное философское произведение о том, куда движется человеческое сознание, есть ли альтернатива нашему бездарному обществу и велики ли шансы сделать его гармоничным.

Сергей Чонишвили о работе над аудиокнигой GAIIA

Gaiia Foundation

The Gaiia Projects is a multi-faceted project, with the final goal of creating a planetary digital platform for ensuring the vital activity of future economic, social, and financial systems. Fundamentally, an Ecological Digital Government. But today, the top priority is to create the necessary conditions for the planet to receive the status of an ecological law entity, endowed with exclusive attributes and functions. We need this in order for GAIIA to become a full-fledged participant in the G20 summits. G20 + GAIIA.